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I hope everyone is enjoying the new site, new and old visitors. We've moved away from the old forum software which was very outdated, not responsive, relied on old server software and whatnot. The site is now based on XenForo 2 with a nice portal add-on allowing our news posters to easily update everyone with news from the emulation world.

The old site will still be active but kept in an archived state, meaning you can still access all content should you want to. However, the main index page of it redirects here where news will be posted. You will see more and more additions to the site coming in the near future, we'll do our best to bring back the sites to greatness.

Introducing Project64 Legacy Merchandise

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Hi all, we are very excited to introduce our project64 legacy merchandise ranges.
Not only will it be a great way for you to show your support and appreciation for this iconic project, but it will also assist us with various things going forward.

Project64 Legacy Merchandise

Please show your support and appreciation. :)

2021-04-02 Recent Releases

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MAME 0.230 was released

* Official -
* ARCADE64 -
* WolfMame -

Other releases

* MEmu 7.50 [Android] -

* Raine 0.91.15 [Arcade] -

* Emulicious (2021-03-31) [Multi-system] -...

mGBA v0.9.0 released!

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Fully functional e-Reader support:


GameCube games that linked with GBA games:




e-Reader card scanning
New tool for converting between different save game formats
WebP and APNG recording
Separate overrides for GBC games that can also run on SGB or regular GB
Game Boy Player features can be enabled by default for all compatible games
Frame and I/O viewer support for Game Boy
Bug report tool for gathering information helpful for reporting bugs
Mute option in homebrew ports
Status indicators for fast-forward and mute in homebrew ports
VBA bug compatibility mode for ROM hacks that don’t work on real hardware
Read-only support for MBC6 flash memory
New unlicensed GB mappers: Pokémon Jade/Diamond, BBD, and Hitek
Stack tracing tools in ARM debugger (by ahigerd)
Command scripts for CLI debugger (by...

2021-03-26 Recent Releases

no$gba v3.04 released!

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Category: No$gba Release Notes

23 Mar 2021 - version 3.04
- web: released new gbatek version with separate htm pages per chapter
- help engine: allows to export gbatek to multple chapter-name.htm pages
- help engine: added search/prev/next functions, and goto prev/next chapter
- help engine: save_as adds vgwort markers to htm pages (for usage stats)
- debug: added simple ARM CPU tracelog function (in tty debugmsg window)
- debug: added nds-wifi IE/IF interrupt enable/flags (in io map window)
- nds-ir-help: cartridge infrared port SPI commands and memory map
- nds-ir-help: activity meter IR commands and memory map
- nds-ir-help: p-walter IR commands, memory map, LCD and Accel registers
- nds-ir-help: component lists for infrared carts and pedometers
- nds-ir-help: H8/386 exception vectors and SFRs, H8/300H registers and opcodes
- nds-cart-help: SanDisk rom supports max 200h-byte blocks (padded with FFh)
- dsi-i2c-help: added ACK/NACK notes (thanks lidnariq)

hpsx64 v0350

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Highly-Experimental Playstation and PlayStation2 Simulator for x64 based systems.
In development - Pre-initial Source code and binary release. Testing usage only


Here's changelog for latest build, released Mar 15, 2021:
hps1x64 - Playstation 1 simulator:
+ dma interrupt fixes

hps2x64 - Playstation 2 simulator
+ early experimental multi-threaded vu1 option (disabled by default)
+ R5900 DCache fixes

:: Sourceforge project repository
:: hps1x64 small binaries archive
:: hps2x64 small binaries archive

2021-03-19 Recent Releases

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* Pantheon 10.294 [Multi-system] -

* iNES 6.1 [NES] -

* Speccy 5.9 [Sinclair] -

* Yuzu 567 [Switch] -

* Cemu 1.22.8 [Wii-U] -