Advance SNES ROM Utility 0.9.7

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This is an easy to use utility for performing some tasks on SNES / SFC ROMs!

Following functions are included:

Add header: adds an empty header
Remove header: removes an existing header
Edit ROM information like title, country/region and version
Fix checksum: fixes a broken checksum. You always should do this before saving, if possible. Please note that some beta or demo ROMs have an odd checksum anyway …
Fix ROM size: fixes wrong internal ROM size information (useful for some ROM hacks)
Expand ROM: expands ROM to a specific size up to 64 Mbit (BS-X up to 32 Mbit). Mirror option should only be used, when there are problems with standard expanding. Always check if your ROM still works after doing this!
Split ROM: splits ROM into multiple parts
SwapBin: swaps binaries to get a “Close-to-SNES-Mask-ROM”-layout (27C801)
Deinterleave: some copy stations like “Game Doctor SF” or “Super UFO” use interleaving when dumping HiROM games. This will reverse...

Jabo Texture Pack Creation and Use

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Brand new Guide for the Creation & Use of Jabo 1.7 Format Textures using Project64 3.x

We are also proud to host the Unofficial Release version of Jabo_Direct3D8_1.7.0.57 ver 6 to be compliant without issue
for continued use on Project64 3.x and up.


Project64 Direct3D Viedo Plugin and Jabo Config Support Ini (Unofficial Release)
Jabo's Direct3D8, to be used with PJ64 2.x-4.x

Released by PJ64LegacyTeam By kind permission of Jabo

  • Improved compatibility with PJ64 2.x-4.x
  • Changed the section name the plugin is looking for "Basic Mode=0" from [default] to [Settings]. Fixes displaying the Advanced settings tab.
  • The ROM settings "Resolution Width", "Resolution Height", "ClearvFrame", "Aspect Correction" were requesting the emulator to save to Project64.rdb before. Redirected them to save to Project64.cfg like all the rest.
  • Disabled "d3d syslog.txt" which affected gameplay performance and could...

2023-12-01 Recent Releases

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* MAME 0.261 for Rpi -

* NegaMAME 0.261-1 -

* WolfMAME 0.261 -

* MAMEUI Classic 0.261.0 -

* ARCADE64 0.261.0 -

* MAME 0.261 -

* AppleWin [Apple2] -

* Gopher 0.27.0 [Atari 2600] -

* Z64K (2023-11-26) [Commodore 64] -

* Emulicious (2023-11-30) [Multi-system] -

* WinArcadia 30.6 [s2650-based] -

* Gopher64 v0.1.2 [N64] -

* Erockus 11.5 [Front-end] -


2023-11-24 Recent Releases

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* Kegs 1.32 [Apple2GS] -

* DSP 0.22 final [Multi-system] -

* ARES v134 [Multi-system] -

* XEMU 0.7.117 [XBOX] -

* Qemu 7.2.7 [PC] -

* dgVoodoo 2.82 [Plug-in] -

2023-11-17 Recent Releases

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* Pyboy 1.6.9 [Gameboy] -

* BSNES nightly (2023-11-14) [SNES] -

* WinArcadia 30.5 / DroidArcadia 2.41 [s2650-based] -

* Gopher64 0.1.1 [N64] -

2023-11-10 Recent Releases

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* Kegs 1.31 [Apple2GS] -

* Gopher 0.26.2b [Atari 2600] -

* pfeMAME 2.29.4 [Front-end] -

* clrmamepro 4.048c [Rom Manager] -

Flycast v2.2 has released!

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Flycast is a cross-platform emulator of Sega Dreamcast, Naomi 1 plus 2, Sega SystemSP and Atomiswave that is based on Reicast. Information here.

1698591780343.png 1698591790133.png

It supports games in the following formats:
– SEGA Dreamcast (CHD, CDI, GDI, CUE)
– SEGA Dreamcast using WinCE
– SEGA NAOMI / NAOMI 2 (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst)
– SEGA NAOMI / NAOMI 2 GD-ROM (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst and .chd)
– Decrypted NAOMI games (.bin, not recommended)
– Sammy Atomiswave (.zip, .7z)
– SEGA System SP (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst and .chd)

The major changes since v2.0:

– Naomi F355 multiboard
– Sega SystemSP emulation
– Virtua Fighter 4 RFID card support. VF.Net emulation server
– Naomi touchscreen (Manic Panic Ghosts, Touch by Uno 1 and 2, Touch de zunou)
– Hopper for Kick’4’Cash, Shootout Pool and Club Kart Prize...

PyBoy v1.6.4 has released!

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It is a Game Boy emulator written in Python.



Improve performance

MAME v0.260 has released!

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MAME is a multi-purpose emulation framework.

MAME’s purpose is to preserve decades of software history. As electronic technology continues to rush forward, MAME prevents this important "vintage" software from being lost and forgotten. This is achieved by documenting the hardware and how it functions. The source code to MAME serves as this documentation. The fact that the software is usable serves primarily to validate the accuracy of the documentation (how else can you prove that you have recreated the hardware faithfully?). Over time, MAME (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) absorbed the sister-project MESS (Multi Emulator Super System), so MAME now documents a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles and calculators, in addition to the arcade video games that were its initial focus.




dcexel: 2023.10.15 has released!

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This is the first emulator of EXL100, Exeltel, Exeltel VS, Exeltel VX, Amper, Comtel.

1697828036813.png 1697828045749.png


– Changed keyboard scanning to ensure compatibility with Windows 11.
(The VK-CODE 0 key does not exist but is considered pressd).
– Fixed keyboard handling to not send the same key twice until it is released.
– Overhauled keyboard management to avoid latency in games.
– New option to use or not DirectDraw hardware acceleration.

Vita3K v0.1.4 (2023/10/19) has released!

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Vita3K is the world's first functional experimental open-source PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

Please note that the purpose of the emulator is not to enable illegal activity.



Vita3K Build: 3433

2023-10-20 Recent Releases

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* SDLMAME 0.259 for Ubuntu -

* Qemu 8.1.2 [PC] -

* Panda3DS 0.7 [3DS] -

* Raine 0.96.3 [Arcade] -

* Gopher 0.26.0 [Atari 2600] -

* DCexel (2023-10-15) [EXL100] -

* Pyboy 1.6.0 [Gameboy] -

* Pantheon 13.130 [Multi-system] -

* AmiArcadia/WinArcadia 30.31 / DroidArcadia 2.4 [s2650-based] -

* 86box 4.0.1 [PC] -

* PPSSPP 1.16.6 [Sony PSP] -

* XEMU 0.7.115 [XBOX] -

Raine v0.96.3 has released!

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Raine is an Arcade/NeoGeoCD emulator as well as a great MAME alternative.



Gunbarich is a new psikyosh game, so 32 bits only, it's a crazy breakout, but with the standard joystick as input. Except that the fixes :
- fixed loading roms from internet archive when there are multiple rom names known and the 1st is not the one in internet archive, I noticed this one while doing a new raine install at a friend's... ! This bug was added in 0.96.2 because I wanted to have a visible error when the rom size wasn't found, well it wasn't found for all these games with multiple names !
- fixed a crash in the 32 bits version when trying to use any game using the 6502 cpu, there was a conflict between the 6502 and the sh2 because of an endif and a misplaced break... !

PYBOY v1.6.0 has released!

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In short, it’s a Game Boy emulator written from scratch in pure Python, with additional support for scripting through an API. We’ve added type definitions, which allows us to compile the software using Cython to get performance comparable to emulators written in C and C++.



  • Add rudimentary Pokemon Gen 1 gamewrapper
  • Dramatically improve performance

Xemu v0.7.113 (2023/10/13) has released!

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Xemu is a cross-platform, open-source application that emulates the hardware of the original Xbox gaming console, allowing users to play their Xbox games on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.



– vl: Prevent selection of HDD image as DVD image
– ui: Apply correct snapshot activation action for save menuitem

PPSSPP v1.16.6 has released!

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PPSSPP is a free and free-to-cart Sony PSP emulator (Windows, Android and other via SDL) written in C and C by Henrik Rydgard (very well known as Ector, author of the PSP Emulation Potemkin and especially known for Dolphin, who has also exercised over many Dream emulators).



– Fix performance issue with Vulkan descriptor set allocation
– Smoother loading of replacement textures
– Fix the store on iOS
– Fix problem with waves background
– Some translation updates
– Other fixed minor

Xenia v1.0.2808-master released a month ago!

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Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. For more information, see the main Xenia wiki.

Interested in supporting the core contributors? Visit Xenia Project on Patreon.

Come chat with us about emulator-related topics on Discord. For developer chat join #dev but stay on topic. Lurking is not only fine, but encouraged! Please check the FAQ page before asking questions. We've got jobs/lives/etc, so don't expect instant answers.



[VFS] Fixed invalid month decoding in decode_fat_timestamp

Steem SSE v4.1.2 R10 has released!

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Steem SSE ('ST Enhanced EMulator Sensei Software Edition' in full) is an updated version of Steem. Features have been added and emulation has been improved.

Steem SSE's goal is to keep the Atari ST alive in the hearts and minds of old and new generations.



Various bugfixes
– Fix bit order of Mega STE CPU control

jgnes v0.6.2 has released!

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It is a cross-platform NES emulator. It has a native interface built using SDL2 as well as a web interface that is compiled in WASM and runs in the browser.



– Upgraded wgpu to 0.17.2 to pick up a bugfix for the DirectX 12 backend where resizing the window would completely crash the program. This bug apparently did not affect the other wgpu backends
– Replaced the VRC7 expansion audio implementation with a stripped-down version of the YM2413/OPLL implementation from my Sega Master System emulator, which should be more accurate and also much more efficient
– Implemented the NES PPU’s grayscale bit, which was only used in a single officially released game: Noah’s Ark (EU) uses it for the water effect covering the bottom of the screen
– Made audio buffer size configurable instead of hardcoded

Gopher2600 v0.26 has released!

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Gopher2600 is an emulator of Atari 2600. Although performance is not as effective as some other emulators, it is nevertheless appropriate to play games on a reasonably modern computer.