Flycast Dojo 6 pre-release is released!

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Flycast Dojo is a fork of Flycast, a multi-platform Sega Dreamcast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator derived from Reicast, with a focus on netplay features and replay. We intend to keep Flycast Dojo updated with the latest downstream changes made to the parent project.

Flycast Dojo can be retrieved from GitHub, or as a part of the Fightcade matchmaking service. However you obtain it, you will always have the option to use it standalone for P2P games using Match Codes over an internet matchmaking server, through a direct IP connection, or a virtual LAN like ZeroTier or Radmin.

For quick start guides, frequently asked questions, online replays, and community links where you can find people to play against, head to the Flycast Dojo site.

General information about Flycast configuration and...

visualboyadvance-m v2.1.7 is released!

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Game Boy and Game Boy Advance Emulator

This is a maintenance release mostly to fix OpenGL for Wayland users on distributions where wxGTK was built without EGL.
  • aca206a - Launch on xwayland under Wayland if no EGL [rkitover]
  • 93a24be - Disable mirroring for ROMs > 32MB [rkitover]
  • 0f4ec57 - [Build] Fix the NO_LINK build [steelskin]
  • 803ab35 - [GB] Save MBC7 EEPROM data to gbRam [steelskin]...

PPSSPP v1.16 is released!

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Very efficient, PPSSPP is a free Sony PSP emulator (for Windows, Android and others via SDL) written in C + + by Henrik Rydgard (well known under the pseudonym Ector, already author of the PSP emulator Potemkin and best known for Dolphin, having also worked on a number of Dreamcast emulators).


New JIT backends:
– RISC-V, based on IR
– x86 JIT based on IR. Often faster than the existing one.

Input fixes
– Improve behavior when analog and digital inputs clash ([#17960])
– Combo mapping is now disabled by default ([#17673])
– Android: Better tracking of devices names ([#17562], auto config)
– Fix mapping custom touch buttons to analog inputs ([#17433])

Rendering performance and fixes
– Fix flicker in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 ([#18009]), video flicker in Naruto 2 ([#18008])
– Fix bad colors in Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow menu ([#17965])
– On lower-end devices, avoid « uber » shaders due to performance...

2023-09-08 Recent Releases

GameRoy v0.3.1 is released!

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An emulator and debugger for the Nintendo Game Boy, written in Rust.

Debugging Kirby

Playing Zelda on Mobile

  • Implemented emulation for
    halt-bug, passing one more of
    blargg's tests.
  • Improved PPU performance.
  • Improved JIT compiler performance and correctness.
  • Added options to the bench subcommand for benchmarking only the interpreted
    or the JIT compiled version of the emulator, and for enabling/disabling
  • Allowed emitting a perf-$ file when running the JIT compiler to
    enable profiling with JIT compiled code using...

Panda3DS v0.5 beta is released!

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Panda3DS is an HLE, red-panda-themed Nintendo 3DS emulator written in C++ which started out as a fun project out of curiosity, but evolved into something that can sort of play games!

  • Compatibility fixes
  • Graphics fixes
  • 3DSX format support
  • Linux AppImage support
  • Custom red-panda-themed mii faces
  • More work on applet support, Vulkan, and so on
Making a stable release before I merge the SD card PR

MAME 0.258 is released!

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Yes, it’s time for another release: MAME 0.258! It’s been another month of exciting Apple updates. Several low-cost Macintosh computers with 68040 CPUs are now supported, and there are fixes for some issues with sound playback. For earlier Macintosh computers, there are two new floppy disk software lists: one for original dumps and one containing low-impact cracks. Support for early CD-ROM drives has been improved, allowing early multimedia software for the Apple II and Macintosh to run. There are also a few Apple III fixes in there.

Moving on to other computers, Silicon Graphics workstation support is still making progress. This month, the Personal IRIS 4D family have been promoted to working. The ZX Spectrum family has been further filled out with another enhanced clone from Scorpion, Ltd. Work is continuing on various PC video and sound cards, allowing software that uses more of their advanced features to run. This month, you may notice better sampled sound playback...

puNES v0.110 is released! (Jan 10 2023)

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Qt-based Nintendo Entertainment System emulator and NSF/NSFe Music Player

  • Added support to Wayland.
  • Added support for "Fullscreen in window" with Wayland (the only type of fullscreen supported for now).
  • Added iNES/NES 2.0 header editor.
  • Added support for "Family Basic Keyboard" and "Subor Keyboard".
    • It's possible to capture and release keyboard input with the shortcut "Scrollock" and open and
      close a virtual keyboard with "CTRL+X".
    • Implemented the "Paste" function. It's possible to paste the text by dragging it in the main
      window of the emulator or copying it and then press the right mouse button and selecting "Paste".
      The text will be inserted through the simulation of the pressure of the keys and it will always
      be possible to interrupt the insertion by pressing the ESC key. During the paste, the Fast Forwarding
      will be active to reduce the waiting time.
    • Added support for the tape data recorder. Added a "Tape" submenu in the "NES"...

FCEUX 2.6.6 is released!

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Created by zeromus and rheiny (aka SP) and joined by mz, adelikat, nitsujrehtona, Ugly Joe, maximus, CaH4e3 (Demul, FCEU-MM), Sebastian Porst (FCEUXD SP), qfox and Lucas Sabota. Without forgetting the work of former authors: Bero (FCE), Xodnizel (FCEU), Bbitmaster & Parasyte (FCEU XD), Blip & nitsuja (FCEU TAS), Luke Gustafson (FCEU TAS+).



The 2.6.6 release is mainly a maintenance update for the mappers and emulation core with a few new features added in.

Some of these new features apply only to the Qt/SDL version of the GUI.

BigPEmu v1.0.8 is released!

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Created by Rich Whitehouse , BigPEmu is the first Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD emulator to offer compatibility with the entire library of commercially sold cartridges and offers excellent performance and a wide variety of unique features.

Note that it was originally a closed source emu which was integrated into the Atari50 compilation . It is without a shadow of a doubt the best Jaguar emulator ahead of Phoenix (which remains the best 3DO emulator), VirtualJaguar, Mame and all the rest.


– JagLink support is here!
*Max player count is supported in AirCars and BattleSphere, with the potential for any number of emulated Jaguars to be networked together.
*Special splitscreen functionality has been added.
*Works over Internet/LAN or locally via loopback.
*Don’t expect anything to be playable or stable over the Internet unless you’ve got...

2023-08-25 Recent Releases

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* Qemu 8.1.0 [PC] -

* Panda3DS 0.4-beta [3DS] -

* BSNES (2023-08-07) [SNES] -

* Pantheon 13.018 [Multi-system] -

* DroidArcadia 2.34 [s2650-based] -

* DCMOTO (2023-08-25) [Thomson] -

* dgVoodoo 2.81.2 [Plugin] -

Panda3DS v.0.4-beta is released!

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Panda3DS is an HLE, red-panda-themed Nintendo 3DS emulator written in C++ which started out as a fun project out of curiosity, but evolved into something that can sort of play games!

Many more games working!
Much wow.

jgnes v0.6.1 is released!

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A cross-platform NES emulator. Has a native frontend built using SDL2 as well as a web frontend that compiles to WASM and runs in the browser.
  • Significant performance improvement / reduced CPU usage due to a rewrite of the 6502 CPU emulation code
  • Fixed a PPU bug where the PPU would sometimes render the wrong backdrop color when rendering was left disabled at the start of a frame; this caused occasional top-of-screen flickering in Battletoads, which leaves rendering disabled for the first ~7 visible scanlines of every frame
  • Fixed a bug that caused PAL audio sync to time to ~49.9 FPS instead of 50 FPS
  • Added an option to have audio sync time to native NES speed (~60.1 FPS NTSC / ~50.007 FPS PAL) instead of aiming for exactly 60 FPS NTSC / 50 FPS PAL
    • Note this will cause severe audio skipping if combined with VSync on a display with 60Hz refresh rate

Hades (GBA EMULATOR) Build 230822 is released!

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Hades is still under heavy development but it aims to have a decent balance between usability, speed and accuracy.

Currently, Hades has the following characteristics:

– Decent accuracy
– Color correction
– Fast save (also known as Save State)
– Real Time Clock (RTC) support
– Game controller support

It is the third emulator to pass the benchmarks of the AGS Aging Cartridge used to test Game Boy Advance systems.


SuperModel WIP (x86/x64) v0.3a Build 230820 is released!

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Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to relive state-of-the-art 3D arcade gaming as it existed from 1996 through 1999. It uses OpenGL, SDL2, and can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also supports network play on low-latency network connections. The source code is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The first Sega Model 3 emulator created by Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde and Stefano Teso in its development version (see here or there ) [ source ].


The update system changes from SVN to GIT, suddenly the name of the versions change, for...

StoicGoose (WonderSwan Emulator WIP) v002 is released!

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StoicGoose is a work-in-progress Bandai WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color emulator. It is written in C# via Visual Studio Community 2022 under Windows 10 Pro 21H2, and uses .NET 6.0 along with the following NuGet packages:

pureikyubu (GameCube Emulator Standalone) v1.6 is released!

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pureikyubu is work-in-progress emulator of Nintendo GameCube console.

The goal of the emulator is to research the hardware features of GameCube and reverse engineer technologies used to develop games for this platform. GameCube is the hardware masterpiece of Nintendo/ArtX engineers and it's a pleasure to explore this device and discover something new for yourself.

– Fixed major cache crashes, resulting in more games launching.
– Fixed DSI/ISI crashes
– Disabled mailbox DSP delay
– Fixed mtsr instruction decoding


2023-08-18 Recent Releases

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* Qemu 7.2.5 [PC] -

* Panda 3DS 0.2-beta [3DS] -

* JKCEMU [East German computers] -

* WinArcadia 30.02 / DroidArcadia 2.33 [s2650-based] -

* Play 0.62 [PS2] -

SkyEmu v3 is released!

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SkyEmu is a low level GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS emulator. Its primary focus is to provide a good user experience through a good mixture of tradeoffs of accuracy, performance, features and usability.


  • Highly accurate Game Boy Advance emulation
  • Game Boy and Game Boy Color Emulation
  • Nintendo DS Emulation (Beta Quality)
  • High Quality Upscaling Shaders, Color Correction, and Screen Ghosting
  • Cross Platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, and Web
  • Game Controller and Rumble Support with configureable keybinds
  • 4x Persistent Save State Slots with screenshot preview
  • Game fastforward and rewind support (supporting very long rewind times)
  • Action Replay Cheat Code Engine
  • Localization in Armenian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Italian, and Russian...

New pureikyubu (GameCube Emulator standalone) v1.5 is released!

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pureikyubu is work-in-progress emulator of Nintendo GameCube console.

The goal of the emulator is to research the hardware features of GameCube and reverse engineer technologies used to develop games for this platform. GameCube is the hardware masterpiece of Nintendo/ArtX engineers and it's a pleasure to explore this device and discover something new for yourself.

Fixed CPU-DSP interrupt handling causing some games to load, e.g.:


Also some work has been done to improve the GFX engine (experimental shader support, disabled for now).

What's Changed

  • Fixed debugger script command by @ogamespec in #287
  • Wiki by...