What's new

CEMU v1.27.0b released

Cemu - Wii U Emulator​

Experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC

  • Reworked title management from the ground up
    • Scanning for titles should be a lot faster. Very noticable if you have a large library
    • Updates and DLC no longer need to be installed. Cemu can now detect and load them directly from the game path folders
    • The title manager window no longer is restricted to showing only one entry per title id, making it easier to manage duplicates
  • Introducing support for a new file format for games which we dubbed Wii U archive (.wua):
    • Supports multiple titles in a single file (e.g. a game combined with it's update and DLC)
    • Cemu can play them directly and display them in the game list
    • Uses compression, resulting in a smaller size than WUX or extracted folder format
    • Lossless, can be converted back to the original files
    • You can easily convert any of your games into .wua format via the Title Manager
    • A standalone tool, including source code, for packing/unpacking is available here
  • Added Cubeb audio backend (see our roadmap for details)
  • Added a workaround for sampler rounding behavior differences between Wii U and OpenGL/Vulkan. This fixes invisible effects in some Wayforward games
  • Opening the GamePad view will no longer blank out the main window on OpenGL
  • Fixed Ctrl + Tab hotkey not toggling between TV and GamePad view
  • General debugger improvements. Added breakpoints will now be remembered across sessions
  • Reworked PDM (Play Diary Manager) service to be a bit more accurate. If you use a full mlc dump, Cemu will show the playtime stats from your console in the game list.
  • Implemented nn_ac API GetAssignedAddress() and GetAssignedSubnet()
  • Improved texture cache heuristics. Should save a bit of VRAM and avoid some unnecessary texture copies
  • Reworked GX2R API and fixed some bugs in the process. Transformers Prime should no longer crash on boot
  • Fixed an issue in the RPL loader where it would generate the wrong branch type. Fixes Your Shape: Fitness Evolved crashing on boot
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a game tried to access the GamePad camera
  • Added a way to specify IP and port before selecting a DSU controller
  • Tons of under the hood changes. Including:
    • Almost fully migrated to CMake
    • Upgraded from C++17 to C++20
    • Reworked internal string handling to use UTF8 almost everywhere
    • Reworked path handling to be more robust. Relative paths and network storage locations should work now.
    • Reworked emulated system libraries: coreinit atomic, coreinit FS, nn_aoc