What's new

pFBN, pSNES, pNES, and pGEN v6.7 is released!

These are “portable” versions of arcade/nes/snes/megadrive emulators which, although intended primarily for consoles, are also available under Windows.

The main goals of these ports are:
– Provide a basic but friendly user interface
– Use a recent rendering interface for speed and effects support
– Code portability and cross-platform
– Easy core updates (no changes original sources)


The changes are:

– Common: Cleanup media loading code
– Common: Add unknown files even if they don't exist in the game list.xml
– Common: Change position of menu items
– Common: Fix game paths starting with ./
– Common: Fixed media paths with Recalbox Gamelist.xml format
– Common: Added ability to use a custom gamelist.xml file in ROMS folders, replacing the list built-in game list (ROMFS.xml
– Common: Add SHOW_AVAILABLE menu option to hide missing files/ROMs/systems from the game list (reboot required)
– UI: Better handling of automatic screen resolution
– UI: Add Font Scaling option
– UI: Add Aspect Ratio option
– UI: Don't show extensions in ROM list
– Skins: Fixed start and button size selection
– skins: fixed option menu title position
– Skins: Remove Big Skin (font scaling and aspect ratio options should be enough now)
– skins: added take support config.cfg.override and config.cfg.override.43
– Skins: allow/fix skin override from data directory
– PNES: bump Nestopia to 1.52.0
– PNES: Fix data paths (Nestopia backup, etc…)
– PFBNEO: Bump FBNEO at latest Git revision
– pgen: bump Genesis-Plus-GX at latest git revision (c3f02f9c9059e7f4898dd73feac57ef610e22db0)
– PGEN: Fix cracking Vita audio (FPS drops)
– PSNES: Bump to latest Git Revision (153965e5f2fbb0b638868ac3fa89ff8b0363d22c)
– Vita, 3DS, Windows: Fix compilation
– Vita: Enable CPS3 driver (OPTION_LIGHT)
– Vita: Fix app version in SFO creation
– switch(pnes): invert default A/B buttons
– Switch: force 720p resolution