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    FINISHED HiRez-Packs

    (If a thread like this already does exist - haven't found any - tell me and I'll delete it) Heya, I wondered if there are any HiRez-packs which are really finished and not worked on anymore (cuz e.g. Djipi's CelDa Mod seems to be somewhat finished but he seems to still work on it a bit...and I...
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    Zelda MM Mini-Games too fast?

    Sorry...I don't know if I'm just stupid or real bad in this game, or it is real hard, OOOOR it just runs too fast... Is it normal in this game that the timer in mini-games runs faster than "normal" time? I mean, like, 2-3 seconds for 1 "real" second... know what I mean? The game speed...
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    Raw ???

    Strange problem here... I have LOTR2 on 4 CDs from a friend... My DVD-Player has no problems playing it...great quality and all... But when I put one of those CDs in my CD-Rom-Drive in the PC, nothing happens...the explorer says the CD is empty...and in the preferences it is only said that the...
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    Hmpf?..where did my thread go? :-/ Ok...once again in short form: I heard Nemu is a very fast emu, so I dowloaded the 0.8 version... But it's damnably slow O_o I had Nemu 0.7 some time ago...and it was with good speed...but now...I dunno what's wrong... I even used the graphics plugin in other...
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    DOS in WinXP

    Heya... I do know that Windows XP is free of any Dos basis... But as far as I can remember I was always able to run Dos programms without problems... But since some time....always when I run a dos execution like zsnes, and want to exit then, the screen turns black (the monitor actually turns...
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    strange music I already here voices and strange sounds and stuff, or is there some kinda music played on this board...I doesn't sound toooo bad....but it would be nice if there was an option to mute there?
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    Flowers and Bees?????

    Where do all those little roms come from? :P This is NO rom request, k? I was just wondering how people got the roms from cardridge to the pc... I heard Nintendo had to put up those roms for people to have the opportunity to make a backup copy of their games... But I can't really imagine that...
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    Hey You Pikachu

    Not that it´s a game that i would die for to play it...but í couldn´t find it anywhere in the compat. there no way to get the mic emulated somehow?...i´ts just something that would interest me... Thx :)
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    Problem with Input

    I have a problem using the input-plugin by N-Rage, which is the best, I think... I just had this problem with both Zeldas and Paper Mario. My problem is just that those games show "no controller" at the beginning. And I can´t get any further into the game. I don´t know, if it´s just a problem...