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starting emulation projects... slowly


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Hello all. Very new here, although I admit I've been lurking for quite some time.

I've been thinking about how to approach emulation for quite some time. I pretty much exclusively program in C++, trying not to abuse OO concepts etc..

Anyway, a little while back I was watching a video on algorithms for a class I was taking and in the video the prof talks about the "4241 microprocessor," which preforms an extremely simple (perhaps the simplest!) set of operations. So, I set out to program how I thought it should be implemented, and I came up with this:


I know its probably not the most optimized, but I feel like it's missing something to be technically an "emulator"? It works fine, I did a couple of tests with sample progs etc... I tried finding specs on the chip but I'm starting to think that it was made up for the class in the video.

I'm moving on to a slightly bigger project, but I want to know if my approach is at least decent before I start going further.


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Hi gasolinewaltz,

Looks like you have the right idea... Have you looked into handling other more advanced CPU features? Interrupts, exceptions, memory access, timing, etc? I don't know much about this CPU, but is it used in any complete computer systems that you could emulate? (with video, IO, available binaries/roms to work with, etc) If you're limited in this regard, I would move on to trying to emulate a complete system. It seems as though you have enough knowledge to get off to a good start, and at least are more well off than I was when I jumped into it. Good luck.


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Thanks Shiz

Yeah, I'm slowly making my way through the big emulation pdf that I'm sure most here have read. Like I said, I'm taking my time... I don't really have much of it at the moment. Right now I'm working on emulating the sid 6581 for the commodore, I have this grand idea of making an 8-bit synthesizer around it. I guess I really should just dive right into the chip 8 though, I am itching to get cracking at a complete system.