What's new

ShadPS4 v0.0.2 (28/01/2024) is released!

It is a preliminary PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux written in Cz created by Shadow (of where it takes its name), author and contributor to prestigious projects such as PCSX, PCSX2, PCSP, JPCSP, arcadeflex, rpcs3..



– Merge pull request 77 from georgemoralis/TLS-works
– Merge branch 'TLS'works' of github.com:georgemoralis/shadPS4 into TLS-works
– some fs work for openorbis (WIP)
– orbis weird sceVideoOut calls
– skip over 0x66 prefixes in TLS
– Basic TLS with patching – int 0x80
– initial PT-TLS support
– libkernel functions to get openrorbis working (without tls)
– some cleanups