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Lemonade Alpha 2 (2024/04/03) released!

Lemonade is an open source and experimental emulator that emulates the functionality of a Nintendo 3ds console on operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Android.


Lemonade was launched after the end of Citra, a previous Nintendo 3ds emulator. The Lemonade project was created to continue Citra's work, solve its problems and improve its performance and compatibility.


The changes since the stoppage of Citra are as follows:

General Improvements/New Features
– Implement touch controls opacity option
– Implement rotate screen option
– Fix random crashes when a game (issue from the base emulator)
– Fix some memory leaks
– Implement un-merged commits from base
– Implement Core Downcount Hack (reduces CPU use by 15%)
– Implement Y2R hack (fix FIFA games)
– Some bugfixes for Mali GPUs
– Implement initial support for Windows, Linux and MacOS (untested)
– Fix most of Luigi’s mansion 2 performance issues (mainly on PC)
– [Strings: Rebrand to Lemonade completed
– [Windows 11: Implement Mica theme to the title-bar 'kleidiss
– (Hacks): Implement Y2R Perform Hack (fix danball senki w chou custom, danball senki wars)
– (Hacks): Implement Display Transfer Hack (fixes of the abyss, pacman party 3d)
– [Android: IU rebranded . . . Ishan09811
– [Android: Performance/fixes for Mali GPU’s and OpenGL 'Ishan09811
– [GPL--: Upgrade to GPL3.0 FROM GPLV2

Added new menu “Lemontweaks”:
– Implement FMV Hack
– Implement Skip Slow Draw hack
– Implement Skip Texture Copy hack
– More options soon

Internal/Minor Changes
– Refactor gamesettings (moved to core.cpp). Apply tweaks for PC version too (If we release it)
– Fix a bunch of compiling errors (thanks to kleidiss)
– Re-work on externals folder to be fine on my project (thanks kleidiss)
– Rebranded to the new project (thanks kleidiss for the icons)

An installer to choose the version (DEV or Stable) is also available here.