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jgnes v0.6.2 has released!

It is a cross-platform NES emulator. It has a native interface built using SDL2 as well as a web interface that is compiled in WASM and runs in the browser.



– Upgraded wgpu to 0.17.2 to pick up a bugfix for the DirectX 12 backend where resizing the window would completely crash the program. This bug apparently did not affect the other wgpu backends
– Replaced the VRC7 expansion audio implementation with a stripped-down version of the YM2413/OPLL implementation from my Sega Master System emulator, which should be more accurate and also much more efficient
– Implemented the NES PPU’s grayscale bit, which was only used in a single officially released game: Noah’s Ark (EU) uses it for the water effect covering the bottom of the screen
– Made audio buffer size configurable instead of hardcoded