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Fightcade2 v2.1.41 released!

This is a new version of Fightcade that uses up-to-date emulators for netplay. This is based on the original version of GGPO but with some improvements.

The emulators taken as a load are:
– Fightcade FBNeo (last version, GGPO)
– Fightcade FBA (old version, GGPO)
– Fightcade SNES9X (GGPO)
– NullDC
– Flycast


FcadeFBNeo v0.2.97.44-54
- Read multiple inputs times per frame to prevent input drops
- Adjusted turbo/autofire detection to avoid some false positive
- Fix visual glitch in cps2 background sprites
- Fix online dipswitches (thanks i-Arab): ctribe hook uccopsar md-arg98 md-arg2006
- New detectors: sf2ceja xmvsfjr3 xmvsfu
- Games added: md-arg98 md-arg2006 mslug5f
- Games updated: md-tmntsrr mslugxsc

Flycast Dojo 6.30
- Too many changes since last version, check Github releases for details.