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Citra Enhanced v1.0 released!

This is Citra with adjustments/additions that should be better than the original Citra.



– Android: Implement touchscreen opacity controls
– Android: Allow to adjust touchscreen buttons invididually (gperrio)
– Android: Add rotate screen toggle
– Android: Implement haptic feedback to touchscreen controls (gperrio)
– PC and Android: Backport Skip Slow Draw and Skip Texture Copy from Citra MMJ
– Android: Backport Mali GPU fixed from Citra MMJ
– PC: Disable accurate mul by default
– PC and Android: Implement Raise CPU Ticks
– PC and Android: Implement Priority Boost hack
– Android: Implement a in-game Tweaks Dialog, that applies hacks temporalily during game (much UX were improvements made by ishan09811)
– Android: Implement Oboe audio backend
– PC and Android: Improve Anaglyph logic for LCD screens (cybereality)
– PC and Android: Implement Core Downcount Hack (based on CPU Usage Limit from Citra MMJ)
– Android: Change resolution change dialog (OpenSauce04)
– PC: Game titles improvements (BlurrySquire)
– Android: Implement a swap screens hotkey (gperrio)
– Android: Add RAM counter (Ishan09811)
vAndroid: Rework Resume and Pause emulation (Ishan09811), now game is paused when in-game menu is displayed, and when closed
vAndroid: UX Improvements (Ishan09811)
vAndroid: Raise frame limit to 400 (Ishan09811)
– PC and Android: Another minor code improvements and fixtures