SpecEmu v3.4 build 01.04.24 released!

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SpecEmu is a Spectrum emulator created to run on Windows, it requires DirectX. Entirely written in Assembler, it is therefore very fast and faithfully reproduces a 'X Spectrum' hardware.


#CSpect v2.19.1.0 is released.

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#CSpect is a ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

#CSpect changeglog:

Minor update, fixing some issues with the large rendering change, and adding super useful debugger command macros.
Rewrote command line processor
Added debugger macros to the command line '+def[0-9]"g $8000". use ";" for multiple commands: '+def[0-9]"g $8000;m$4000". ALT+[0-9] to play macro.
Fixed a crash when L2 left clip was > L2 right clip
L2 no longer renders with top clip was > L2 bottom clip
Fixed a bug in the ULA rendering where the border colour was being set to the fallback colour, and not the border colour (which matches global transparancy).
Updated TileTest screen mode test app
OpenTK upgraded to v3.3.3