Nintendo 64 Plugin development

Gopher64 v0.1.3 released!

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This is an N64 emulator written in Rust by Logan McNaughton (simple64) and some portions of it come from mupen64plus and/or ares.


The objectives in summary are as follows:

–Performance. The author wants to be able to use this emulator on my laptop.
– Easy to use.
– Easy to work with. Dynamic recompilers are powerful, but they are very difficult to read and understand. This emulator will only have interpreters for CPU and RSP. In addition, it is written in Rust (apart from Parallel-RDP), a modern programming language with an ever-growing number of users. The author has tried to avoid the use of macros, which can reduce the repetitiveness of the code, but also its readability.


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Tutorial: How to load a HTS

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HTS loads Hires_textures instantly on emulation start provided the file is placed in the correct location. IE plugin/cache.

Place the .HTS file in your Plugin/Cache folder.

(Djipi's HTC files will not work in GLideN64 newer than 4.0)
(Unless you have a new HTS)

Settings should be as such:
Use file storage instead of cache.
Use file storage instead of cache.

Do not tick Save enhanced texture cache to hard disk.
Do not tick Compress texture cache.

GLideN64 HTS guide.png

To save Hires_textures to a HTS select the options shown above and load the files into memory.
After the files load, 100% End Emulation (F12) Do not just close the emulator.