Vita3K Android Release 3 is released!

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This repository contains the public releases and CI (automated build) for the Vita3K Android version. Vita3K Android is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Android. It comes as an APK, ready for you to install.

Minimum requirements are as follow:
  • ARM64 device
  • Vulkan 1.0 support
  • Android 7+ (Note: If your device supports Vulkan, it's Android 7 or higher)

  • Automatically clear the shader cache when starting a game with a different driver, because nobody does this (note: this invalidates existing shader caches)
  • Add scrolling to save dialogs
  • Use proper file name for custom driver installation and zip installation
  • Show notification when a Vitamin dump is detected
  • Improve error handling while installing pkg
  • Fix the onscreen overlay on some more devices
  • Remove Write_External_Storage permission on recent Android versions
  • Update ndk to 25.2.9519653
  • rebase to Vita3K PC version:
  • Add game compatibility in the...

melonDS Android Beta 1.8.0 (finally) updated!

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It has been a loooong time since the last release, but it's finally here!

  • Update to melonDS 0.9.5
  • Implement the DSiWare Manager. This allows you to install DSiWare titles to the NAND directly from the emulator
  • Allow DS and DSi firmwares to be launched from home screen shortcuts
  • Improve search performance when there are a lot of ROMs
  • Add option to quickly view enabled cheats
  • Fix selected ROM icon filtering not being applied until the app was restarted
  • Add monochrome icon
  • Add Indonesian, French, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) translations
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
As usual, you can download the latest release on GitHub. The Play Store release will be available in a couple of hours/days.
Work on the next release has already started and your help is...

SSF Preview Version R28 released!

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SSF PreviewVer R28 is released. SSF is a Sega Saturn emulator for Windows systems using DirectX 9.0b. The current version claims near-complete implementation of the Sega Saturn hardware (not counting emulation bugs), and can emulate the Saturn based Sega Titan Video arcade hardware too. As with most emulators, CDs or disc images are not included and have to be owned separately. The BIOS is also not included; as of 0.07 Beta R3, games run without the BIOS however. The usage of BIOS files is optional but recommended for better compatibility, and needed for tasks such as management of the contents of the internal memory of the Sega Saturn, or setting the system clock.