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ZSNES 1.42n Released


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Category: <b>SNES</b><br><br>ZSNES 1.42n has been released, a build of ZSNES based on an earlier WIP designed specifically for improved netplay.

I am pleased to announce the release of a new ZSNES build for more stable netplay.

Most of the thanks for this goes out to pagefault who fixed stack corruption issues in our SPC emulation so randomness isn't introduced there anymore as well as fixing other SPC oddities.

This special edition of ZSNES is based on CVS/WIP from April 4 2005.

Thanks also goes to the valgrind team for making a great tool to spot stack corruption, which was used to find our problem.

Also special thanks to myself and grinvader for back porting to last netplay enabled WIP, testing to make sure it worked nicely for games without transitions, and packaging this release.

You can download for Windows, or source which compiles on *nix too.

The build is available from Nach's site:

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