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zelda oot stuck in forest temple


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guys my name is nahid.i am new in here.i am from bangladesh.i am playing zelda oot with cell pack 2011. i am stuck in forest temple where you have to move a bolder to go up.link is pushing it but the bolder wont moving.i tried both side .i go around its back then push it again. nothing happen.please help me out. sorry for my bad english.


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Video walkthrough (the second one is probably what you want):
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yeah man the 2nd one.but the problem is the box wont move man.link just pushing it and its stand there like a wall.do i need any power up to move the block?


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Nothing special is required to move the block. It's probably easiest to start out by pulling the first block, rather than going around to its opposite side and pushing it. I'm assuming the first one (the green one) is the one giving you trouble? You don't have any cheats enabled, do you?


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I think the goron bracelete is needed to push them. If you didn't use cheats/glitches to get there, you should have it though.