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Zelda 3 Classic - It needs YOUR support!


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I really think, that Emutalk is a proper place to advertise a project like glZelda(2) and I hope to get enough responses to show the project leader that a project like this is really appreciated.
But let me start from the beginning:
Most of you probably already know Zelda Classic, if not, you should really check it out, because it's a duty for every Retro, SNES and Zelda Fan to play it at least once.
It's an engine recreation, to play and recreate the complete feeling and gameplay of the The Legend of Zelda NES game without an emulator on your PC and enhance it with new quests or items.
Today it's an awesome editor with plenty of possibilities. You can create a completely new game and work with the original NES Sprites, but it also supports ALttP and the BS-SNES (and more!) sprites. But deep inside its core is still kinda old school, without enhanced gfx capilities and features.

More than 4 years ago Benjamin Arnaud created glZelda to show an engine with editor which was build with up-to-date technic and other fine features and it really was and still is stunning.



Download the video with editor part, had to cut it down because of the 10 minutes limit: http://bunjeee.free.fr/Videos/glZelda.wmv
And I really mean stunning, because if you think about, that all this had been done 4 years ago, than it's just too nice ending up as a mere tech-demo.
As time goes by, the author already thought about a revive of the project and posted the following comment at his blog:
Benjamin Arnaud said:
I'm not sure yet to code a glZelda 2.

But if I do, it'll use Qt / C++ / Opengl. to get the best of UI and Rendering worlds. And it might have an online feature.
Online features!! Yeah, but till the end of 2009 it was quietly and the project was dead before it really started.
But 11/30/2009 the author came back and created a thread in the Zelda Classics board:
Benjamin Arnaud said:
Two years ago I posted about a little project I had.

This was mostly a tech demo, demonstrating how could Zelda3 run using modern GPUs.
You can find details and get it here :

Having spent myself glorious hours on the GameBoy version of Zelda a Link to the past, I suspected people would warmly welcome it.

Surprisingly a lot of people tried it, a lot of people asked for the code, some people proposed their work. I wasn't ready for all this back then. It was a tech demo.

We're in 2009 now, I feel this project is incomplete.

I have two questions for you:
Are you interested in a Zelda 3 Classic ?
Would you contribute to such project ?

Benjamin Arnaud.
Sadly, the project got nearly ignored and only a few answered.
So I decided to write him via email, here's the conversationlog for you:
MasterPhW said:
Any new news regarding an upcoming glZelda release?
You announced it at the Zelda Classic board, but sadly never answered in the forum or replied my pn.
I already knew a few people, that are interested in creating a project with your tool.
Benjamin Arnaud said:
Dear MasterPhW,

glZelda was a tech demo. It’s not intended to make a full game with it. As far as I’m concerned glZelda project is over.

That said,

Few month ago I asked at Zelda Classic board if anyone was interested by a Zelda 3 classic.
So far I didn’t get enough answers to get me running on this.

If many people are interested helping out on a new Zelda project, just let them mail me at [email protected].

If enough people show support I might consider investing time on this.
We have the technology, now we need the community.
All in all, it would be cool to do it, but together.

Benjamin Arnaud.
Now you can see, there's still legitimate interest by the creator of glZelda, but he really want to see, that there is a community which is interested and would show support for him and his tool.
If you are interested in this project and would like to see a Zelda 3 Classic engine with modern gfx support, write an email to [email protected], reply here and tell your friends about this project!
I'll post these information on other boards and try to spread the interest all over the net, but I will still need your support! Talk about it on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter and help me to advertise this great project!
But msot important: write him a mail!
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Master of the Emulation Flame
The first impact already happened, read more about it on Benjamin Arnauds website:
You can make glZelda 2 a reality 18 April 2010
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Posted by Benjamin Arnaud
Dear Warriors,

Even though we focus on PC Gaming we're not ignoring the great console titles out there. I remember when I received Zelda Link's Awakening for Christmas. I was 12 or something. I spent the whole day playing it ignoring the very rest of my presents (mum please forgive me). I couldn't believe how they shrinked a full Zelda into such a small console. This is possibly my best Gamer Memory. It was a real quest, it was long, deep and engaging (yes yes you could steal items from the vendor's store).

A few of you might know the Zelda Classic project.

Zelda Classic is a tribute to (what we think is) the greatest video game of all time: Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda. It has been developed into an exact replica of the NES version that we all know and love. Beyond that, Zelda Classic allows the development of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges.

With Zelda Classic, for the first time you had control over the Hyrule universe and you could shape up little adventures to share with your friends. When typing Zelda Classic on youtube you'll get a few examples of what was possible.

That's the same engine in both videos, as you can see if you take time to change the sprites and finely tune everything you almost get a Zelda 3 like result. The people behind that engine deserves Kudos, congratulations to them.

Five years ago, I put online a tech demo called glZelda. The objective was creating from the ground up a Zelda 3 engine. This SNES game is considered by many as the greatest Zelda of all time. More than forking the engine I wanted to add a few OpenGL touches. That's why I filtered every sprites with the hq3x compression. Inspired from Zelda Four Swords, I added a zooming feature. Last but not least I added the day and night cycle.

At this point I realized that one could make miracles with very simple sprites and a few modern effects. Also, the balance you get between technology and editing possibilities is interesting. You can read my article about Doom on that matter.

Surprisingly a lot of people tried it, a lot of people asked for the code, some people proposed their work. I wasn't ready for all this back then. It was a tech demo.

Many people thought it was what it wasn't: a full Zelda 3 port. glZelda was a tech demo. It’s not intended to make a full game with it. From this perspective the project is finished.

We're five years later and people are still asking news about glZelda. Recently someone named MasterPhW posted about it here.

So here we are folks.
You want a glZelda sequel? More than just a tech engine ? You want a Zelda 3 Classic ?
We can build the technology but we need the community.

It's time to show your support:
- Register the Warrior Labs community.
- Comment this blog post.
- Post your support in the glZelda board.

Zelda Fans, it's time to Unite.
Tell your friends. Spread the news !

More infos:
Support and suggestions
Contribution proposal

Warrior Labs

Benjamin Arnaud.
Hope to get here some response, aswell.