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Yabause 0.9.4 released

Lord Darkstorm

Great sage, equal of heaven
Looks like mostly scsp fixes, which should help sound compatibilty. Also the very beginnings of wii support. And windows cheat loading, for those who like it :p



0.9.3 -> 0.9.4
- Fixed a timer bug.
- Fixed a bug with mcire word writes.
- Added wave file output core to available sound cores.
- Fixed a bug in total level attenuation.
- Fixed a bug in EG.
gtk port:
- Redesigned memory dump window.
- Redesigned SH2 debug window.
- Other bug fixes.
qt port:
- Added initial support. It should be pretty much on par with the gtk port.
wii port:
- Added initial support.
windows port:
- Fixed a bug where emulation wasn't paused when save/load state as was
selected from the menu.
- Changed disassembler so it can scroll up and down.
- Tweaked error messages so it doesn't report invalid opcode errors when
running the fast interpreter.
- Added SCSP common control register debug info to SCSP debug dialog
- Other bug fixes.
- Added a few internal tweaks that should yield some performance gains.
- Added support for saving and loading cheats.