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Hey guys no im not working on an emulator:p i have no tech knowledge... but there are 3 emulators for gba(also gbc gb),gbc(+gb), and snes(+nes i think) that are overlooked on wikis and sites for emulators. im talking about the vba8+, vb8+ and snes8+ for windows phone.... really awesome and easy too use without the need to change settings to run stuff right etc. and the run on pretty weak hardware (wp :D)(perfect for guys like me) why arent all emulators like this?! :D u guys should check them out..... a question i have are their comparable emus for pc (there are win 8 versions though not as advanced dont know why those arent updated....)? easy too use and with xbox one controller support.... the thing with the wp version is that playing a game like super metroid with touch controls is impossible :(. hope u like those emulatros :D :bounce: