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Why use images and not the DVD or CD directly as in PSX emulators?


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I got a question that truly intrigues me and is why on Earth do PS2 emulators have to resort to load an image file (ISO,NERO whatever) instead of just being able to load the game directly from the DVD or CD as the PSX emulators do?:linux:


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How can can that be?!!!!!!!

dukenukem said:
Dude they alsoload them from the actual dvd and cd too.
I don't understand!
I downloaded the latest version of NSX2 and it does not offer such a choice whatsoever!


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No it doesn't :p Try coding a PS2 emulator yourself and then say that. It's just not nearly as compatable or fast as PCSX2..


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Well, in other words: It was a lot of work and a good effort, but it still sucks more than other emulators. ;)