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Where is WhineCube???


Silence is gold...
Hello Masken! There aren't any news for a long time! Whinecube was showing great progress! What's goin' on? I hope you haven't stopped the progress!



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ive talked to him recently...you know to break the silence from #whinecube :p
here's a log of this, hope this answers your question

[16:33] <_Chrono_> hey Masken
[16:33] <_Chrono_> whats the status on Whinecube these days?
[16:37] <Masken}> well
[16:40] <Masken}> I've done some work on it, but compatibility hasn't changed since r7
[16:41] <_Chrono_> ahh
[16:41] <_Chrono_> working on the core?
[16:42] <Masken}> no
[16:43] <Masken}> the core is pretty much as good as it's going to get without a major rewrite
[16:43] <_Chrono_> ahh i see
[16:44] <Masken}> I have one planned, incidentally :}
[16:44] <_Chrono_> lol
[16:44] <Masken}> got the idea from ector
[16:44] <_Chrono_> everyone seems to make rewrites at some point
[16:45] <_Chrono_> i think org did it twice with dolwin
[16:45] <Masken}> to use C code and gcc as an optimizing recompiler
[16:45] <_Chrono_> you were usinng exclusively C++ before?
[16:45] <Masken}> no, hard-coded assembler
[16:46] <_Chrono_> ouch, that seems more complicated
[16:46] <Masken}> it's simpler, actually
[16:46] <Masken}> but hard to optimize
[16:46] <_Chrono_> kk
[16:46] <Masken}> I meant to call gcc from within the emulator to recompile dynamically generated C code
[16:46] <Masken}> or c++
[16:46] <Masken}> whatever
[16:46] <_Chrono_> lol k
[16:47] <_Chrono_> well best of luck with that, let me know when youll need testing help
[16:48] <Masken}> there are a lot of other things that have higher priority
[16:48] <_Chrono_> ahh of course
[16:49] <_Chrono_> now i need to try and contact hotquik to see what he's up too
[16:49] <_Chrono_> :p


aka Chrono Archangel
nah...i fear the Dolphin team.....

but if anyone wants to know, i talked with hotquik. He said he hasnt touched the dolwin source at all. Real life's whats keeping him busy.