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Where is gdrom2rom? (NullDC Naomi)


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It seems that the program needed to convert track03.bin has been wiped from the Internet. Does anyone have it, or know where I can find it? It's not included in the most recent NullDC Naomi release.


In case anyone's wondering, the game I'm trying to load is Monkey Ball (which is a GD-ROM game, rather than a cartridge game, from what I understand).

I'm considering reverse-engineering the game code, but while I can decrypt the game (generates a file called BALL.BIN, along with BDF.BIN and NAOMIGD.BIN), it's not in a format NullDC understands (only Demul).

Also in regards to reverse-engineering, does anyone know where the game gets copied into RAM? Like I mentioned previously, it's a GD-ROM game, and as such the MAME source doesn't specify the loading address.
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