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What is a .one?


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I'm currently working on a mod for Shadow the Hedgehog for GameCube. I'm not very familiar with modding things like this, but I did manage to find an unpacker, to open it. I was expecting all kinds of files, and through dolphin, I've even modded a few textures. However, when I busted it open, I was surprised to find, instead, exactly the files I was looking for! Sort of...

See, they're all nice and wrapped up in little folders, makes it so easy to find exactly the characters I need! So what's the problem, right? Well, they're all named (file).one. I have no idea what a .one file is, or how to use it. If someone could tell me how to extract images, models, sound, and the like, I'd be greatly in your debt! Keep in mind, I'm new, so I'll need a fair walkthrough on the subject.


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i think one is the file name according to location. rename it to one.zip or something and see if you can open it further. Or rename it to .DDS or something for Daz3d or something


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The files are named things like "shadow.one," though possibly opening it as a zip could work.