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Welcome / Rules / etc.

I thought I might do a lil' inductory post here ... :)

Welcome to the Saturn Shack message board here on Emj00talk, in case you don't know our website yet, be sure to check it at


Also join us on IRC: #saturnshack on EFNet

First of all, i'd like to preach the rules of course (yep, its bugging but its my duty) ... do not talk about the following stuff in here:

o game ripping and/or burning
o where to download ripped games
o where to find BIOS files

Just our few rules of good behavior ;)

Instead we want this message board to have a discussion about the current Saturn emulators, games and our site. If you have suggestions, criticism or flame mail for us (tuff shit if the last one btw), post it here.

Another purpose of this board is to help ppl out with issues on their emulators.

However, please read the FAQs on our site before u post. many common questions are already answered in those.

Have fun, cheers!

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