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As a few people have pointed out to me in PM, this deserved its own forum here at EmuTalk so I've set it up. Although there's a separate forum at cen64.com I think it's a good idea to have one here as well because of our large user base.


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Wow, there's a new forum! And MarathonMan is now a EmuTalk moderator!

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How about a cen64.Emulation64.com?
And while we are at it, update.emulation64.com. An auto-updater wouldn't hurt folks who still use Project64 with Mudlord's Rice Video 1.6.4.

But anyway, having a new forum great! I don't remember the last time a forum was added to EmuTalk. Was it the Mupen64Plus forum?


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I'd like to publicly thank the administrators and community for voicing their opinion and giving CEN64 it's own little spot. I'm glad to see that others are interested in accurate emulation, even if it doesn't come at full-speed or without quirks at the moment.

I'll throw an update of progress in case there are viewers who don't wish to visit cen64.com:

- EEPROM/SRAM saves are now working. Though they're limited to 16kbit/256kbit saves, respectively.
- I've started carving out OpenAL support and hope to have audio in the coming weeks.
- Lots of performance improvements. Been vectorizing more RSP instructions, improving RDP somewhat, etc.


Considering its likely not anywhere near done, its been fun testing games with Cen64. The game compatibility is already going up that is pretty sweet MarathonMan keep up the great work! Even if I can't run the games full speed now down the road its eventually going to hit a point that it'll work either via optimizations or brute power from new chips.


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Anyone with to make a Cen64 smiley? :)

I would like to say thanks to MarathonMan for all the great work on Cen64, and for letting us share a part of it here at Emutalk.
Keep it up!