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Watch out Behind you!!!

CpU MasteR

omg h4x
While I was on #WindowsXP on EFNet, a game Poped up I thought was funny & Stupid at the Same Time. For People who know what #BearCave is on EFNet, Will Have Fun with this Game

http://icelord.net/lesnik/escopeta.swf <- Beware...

Note: Will Be in French at Start But there is a Button to Change the language to English....


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People cheating takes away the fun, and that why I don't care about it anymore... :(


Dangerous Dave
you should just make just one (closed) sticky with all the list of games and update it, instead of having all these different stickies in which all the games remain the same and it looks very cluttered too. and since it will be closed noone can post their score, so there will be no cheating, this will be purely we provide, u play forum, theres no other way.

just a suggestion:)

or just close this forum :(
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