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Video won't appear after loading save state


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I have been having some trouble loading save states in SupraHLE. After I have loaded a save state, the video won't initialize.

When I want to load a save state, I wait for the game title screen to appear, hit escape, and select Load Save State. Then I resume emulation by hitting F5.
I can tell it has loaded because of the change in music. However, the video won't initialize after loading.

This does not occur when I load my ROMs in UltraHLE, so I have determined it is not a hardware problem. I would EXTREMELY apprecciate some help on this subject.
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double post?!

I've put the same workaround in a similar thread ...


One possible solution (works for me) is to use only quicksave and quickload, and then manually copy the save files to other names for safety reasons, as not all saved games are willing to load.

I have to press reset once to start up after beginning emulation, then i press F9 to load the latest save and there we go. the option to load a distinct name doesn't work for me either.

regards, mig