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Video - [Cen64 2016-04-29 multithread] Hydro Thunder runs great!

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DISCLAIMER: It may run great, but it certainly doesn't sound great. :p You might be wise to turn down or even mute your volume.

Been wanting to record and upload this for a while now and finally got around to doing it.

The following two videos come from the exact same recorded footage, but the first video is at native resolution (well, 400% nearest neighbor) while the second has some super-fancy upscaling (feedback is welcome) that took me a bit longer than 2 seconds per frame to render with GPU acceleration (4 seconds per frame without GPU acceleration).

Native resolution:


I give full permission to link and repost this/these video/s anywhere else on the internet without even giving me credit (like on /r/emulation or whatever, I don't care); just make sure you don't claim that you made the video/s yourself. :p
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