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VBA has been lagging horribly, help?


I'm such a newbie...
Recently the speed I've been getting from VBA has been very bad. Whenever I hold a key on my keyboard the framerates drops like crazy, ranging from %70 to %30. This only happens with GBA games (GB/GBC games run flawlessly), it may be because my computer isn't all that strong but I'm able to run games on emulators such as Project64, Zsnes, Chankast and many others with very few problems.
I've tried setting my priority to highest, I've tried setting the frameskip to 0, the throttle to %100, deleting everything in vba.ini, I've tried using V-sync, and I've re-downloaded VBA countless times hoping it would work again, nothing would change. In fact, in some scenarios it would actually get worse. I used to run GBA games on VBA perfectly, I can't do that anymore. Can someone please help me out here?


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Well we could consult our magic glassball, our you could tell us some more about your setup: OS, graphics card, processor...

Also pretty important at this point WHICH vba? the original 1.8 or something? That one is horribly outdated, there is VBA-M or mGBA now.


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What are your PC specs? Have you tried other emulators? no$gba may be a decent choice if you have a slower PC.