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VB.net question


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Look I am writing a word processing program in VB.Net. I have only just got it and I need some help. Right when it loads a opendialogbox I want it so you can click cancel and a message box appears which states
"You have not selected anything to load"
also how would I get the program to realise that the actual document it is loading is a true text document and not another type of file with the extension changed.
Iff it needs any other programming language intergrated I have the full Microsoft Studio.net so that wont be a problem.
Also, what does enterprise edition actually mean.
These questions probably sound uber n00b so flame me if you must.


Are you asking that you want a loading message and a command button that allows you to break the process?
Sorry I've forgotten all about VB .NET, but I can tell you the basics of doing it.
Create another thread for the word processing. When you create it, show the dialog and use a label with a caption "Loading..."
When the user hits cancel (if), set a global variable to true and if set, the word processing thread will terminate.
This is pretty much all I can say.

As if it's a text document... well, the only way is to manually check the ascii of every character. Or you can check like the 10 first. Just get the ascii value of it. If the value is a character upper or lower case, or a number. You should check an ascii table to see which values they are.
Or, you could get the number for say 'a' and 'z' and 'A' and 'A' as well as '0' and '9' I think.
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No I am not I am asking for when the like the open a file fialog boc comes up like the one on word where you click file then open. Then when the user clicks cancel a message box appears.