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UltraHLE on Linux !!! :D


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hi all,

In fact, I come to announce a good news, UltraHLE works on Linux! :bouncy: :linux:

How UltraHLE works on Linux ?

For the Linux users, get Wine and download UltraHLE 2064 and entry in your terminal :

wine UltraHLE.exe

Choice for graphics plugin => ultra hle gfx plugin
and configure for rendering in OpenGL engine.

Warning : choice for audio plugin => No sound
else it crashes.

Enjoy ! :king:

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Man, you're like 10 years late ;) UltraHLE ran on wine the day it was released...
Yeah, a friend of mine was emulating N64 on linux emulating windows (i know Wine Is Not an Emulator, but still) with joystick emulating keyboard. Now that was cool as hell (in 1997 on whenever UltraHLE was release)