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Turning a DS into an emulator


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hey guys,This is my first post.
IM looking to turning my old DSI into an emulator, but dont know where to start.
Ive been researching and it looks like I need a flashcart, microSD card. I also read that recent software updates have prevented alot of emulating
I also have a nintendo DS, DSlite, DSI, DSI XL, and 3DS. \
can you guys give me some guidance on turning one of my devices into an emulator, or point in the direction of somewhere that can?


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Your best bet would be to Google the keywords: NDS flash carts, or emulators for NDS.

What do you wish to emulate?


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I uploaded a video in this very topic today where I demonstrate some emulators running on DS, I think you will find it useful.

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