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TR64 OpenGL 0.7.4 port, prerelease 1


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<b>TR64 OpenGL 0.7.4 port, prerelease 1</b>

<a href="http://www.emutalk.net/member.php?&action=getinfo&userid=1632">blight</a> has released a port of Icepir8's excellent GPU plugin, TR64 OpenGL 0.7.4. The GPU has been ported to Linux, so go ahead and test it with <a href="http://mupen64.emulation64.com">Mupen64</a> and leave your feedback in <a href="http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?&threadid=11434">this thread</a>. Here's a little comment from blight:<br><br></font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1" height="7" border="0"><br><font class="post_quote">Here's a port of Icepir8's great OpenGL plugin for linux!<br>This is a prerelease and is pretty untested - if you find any bugs in the plugin please post them here (including useful information)<br><br>Have fun (/me wonders if anybody will actually use this)</font><br><img src="images/trans_1x1.gif" width="1" height="7" border="0"><br><font class="post_text"><br><br>The download is available from our <a href="http://www.emulation64.com/pafiledb.php">downloads section</a>, as always. :)