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To use a 64-bit OS, or to not use a 64-bit OS...


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The day when I get my new PC may be nearing (and it may not be), but I will be getting a 64-bit CPU whenever I do end up getting it (though, the main reason I'm getting the CPU I'm getting is because it's dual-core, not because it's 64-bit). I've heard there can be some driver hassles with Windows XP Pro x64, so I was curious whether these issues have been resolved for the most part, or if they're still bad enough to warrant sticking with a 32-bit OS. What do most of you 64-bit CPU runners use?


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Well, Soon vista will be out and it will have been built from the ground up to support 64bit cpu's - theres no reason not to get a 64bit cpu because usually they can support both 32bit and 64bit. You could always try xp 64bit and see if you like it or just put 32bit on. It's no biggie - i'm willing to bet that the 64bit of windows xp will be just fine.

Closest thing to a 64bit processor i have is my xbox360... damn you xbox 360!!! its more powerful than my pc... :(


I hear there are lots of problems with incompabilites with XP x64, and although I have it, it has only caused trouble so far. So I stick with normal XP.


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Well I'd check if your hardware has any incompatibilities with XP64. planetamd64 is a good place to find that kind of stuff. When I used XP64 I liked it in the sense that it felt like a smoother experience, but Cisco didn't make x64 drivers for my wireless card, so I couldn't use it 24/7.