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The UltraStar Deluxe Thread!


Master of the Emulation Flame
Hey guys, most of you probably don't know this great project, yet.
It's one of the programs I don't want to miss on my parties. Nearly everybody who played it, were enthused by it. It's UltraStar Deluxe, so to say Singstar for the PC.
It's more a simulator like Stepmania and Frets on Fire than an emulator, because it doesn't need any ROM files, you can feed it with txt and mp3 files.
You can include all your videos for the background or just images if you like to. Same applies to the Cover images. You can decide to take the original Cover image or a special one you like.
It is also possible to convert your original Singstar DVDs to the Ultrastar format and use it instead of twenty DVD with only 30 songs. There are already more than 1800 songs created and the number grows nearly every day.
Anybody is in the UltraStar fever aswell, or is it just me?