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The state of playstation texture replacement


Dcemu.co.uk guy
Its always nice to see something that changes an emulation scene. With n64 emulation that brought texture replacement to your favourite games, and continues today with many packs posted on our :: forum.
But its nice to finally see progress even if its baby steps with the support of high res texture replacement for the original playstation, with the bounty for support in beetle for libertro making strikes towards its goal, along comes another modification of beetle to support high res textures that you can try today.

stoofin has released a build of 0.1wip that supports texture replacement of the popular game chrono cross, with a supporting 5gb texturepack available to try it out:

Modified retroarch's beetle psx core to replace chrono cross' textures. Dumped the textures from the isos using various community tools and upscaled 4x with waifu2x, gigapixel, and esrgan (using some of the models on the wiki).

The texture pack right now is 5GB, but it's a bit bloated because it's using pngs. If anyone wants to try it out there are core binaries on github with instructions and here's a mega link for the texture pack itself. Probably not the best place to host this.

If anyone wants to try their hand at a better upscale let me know and I can share some tools that would be useful.



Dcemu.co.uk guy
love how this is just now blowing up on reddit, remember boys and girls this is where you saw it first :)