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student-made games on arcade controls?


High School CS Teacher
My students and I are making an arcade cabinet to run student-made games (not emulate retro games). We've got the hardware wired up and working to the point we can control our games with the joystick & buttons when we launch them in Windows 10.

The REAL goal is to be able to just flip on the power strip, and there's an interface controllable WITHOUT mouse/keyboard, only the arcade controls that students can launch any student game.

It will become a "museum piece" in the classroom (I teach CS and game design) that allows future students to play previous students' games.

We're using Ultimarc arcade controls (joysticks, buttons) with an IPAC Ultimate I/O board.

We use Gamemaker Studio to make the games, which is capable of exporting single runtime exe's or installed exe's (as well as a host of other platform export options but I'm guessing exe's the best choice?)

Any ideas on how to set this up so that with a pc inside the arcade cabinet, the whole experience is arcade controlled, no mice/keyboard?