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Strange dilemma - GB emulation related


Leap of Faith
So some years ago I was playing Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening on my DS Lite. I was using an R4 slot1 with a Super Card Lite slot2. I put in a number of hours on that game but then life caught up with me as well as getting a bit stuck in game I guess. Anyway I set it all aside and the DS got 'lost' in my nightstand. Last week I found it and attempted to pick back up where I left off but I can't seem to figure out what emulator I had used to play ? I know sounds strange. I have Lameboy on the micro SD in the SC Lite but also that card had GB emulation built in. Either one will not load my sav however. Looking on the memory card there are six files labeled as "sv1.gz" thru "sv6.gz" (save states of some kind?) each one has a "tn1.PNG" (thru 6) as well. The PNG does show the spot I saved when I view the image.

Anybody familiar with these save types, what program made them, or how I convert them into a playable state again ?

I can provide more info if you ask or the files themselves. Any help would be appreciated as I have time and the want to play again but I hate to start all over again.




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Googling the file names looks like maybe RIN or masterboy but those are PSP gb emulators. .gz is typically used to indicate a gzip file, tried opening with 7z and seeing how that works?


Leap of Faith
Hey thanks for the reply. I came up with RIN also on a google search but seemed really odd as I haven't owned a PSP a LOT longer then this DS sat in my nightstand drawer. I certainly don't recall playing emulators on it as I don't think I ever hacked it for stuff like that.

They are gzip, I could have said that I guess on the first post, duh. Uncompressed the files are simply 'sv1' and so on for the extension. They are about 25k in size. Opening in Notepad++ I don't see anything meaningful like a header or footer that might denote what application created them. I have tried to rename them individually to 'sav' and see if they load in other emulators as battery files, like VBA, but no luck. Also tried them as save states for VBA and KiGB and they just get errors when loading.

It would be one thing if I could at least recall what emulator made them. I'm thinking I am just hosed unless I can remember this part at least.