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State of Gamate Emulation?


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My parents were too poor to buy me a "real" Game Boy as a kid, but they could afford a Gamate. It actually wasn't that bad; of the three fake Game Boy consoles that were available at the time (Gamate, Supervision, and that Duck thing), the Gamate had the most ambitious, interesting games.

Recently, I've been playing some of the games again, and picking up some new ones on eBay, but I wish I could play them on a device with a screen where i can actually see something. It looks like MESS used to incorporate at least some support for the Gamate, but it's not clear to me if that's still available in MAME, and at any rate, I can't even find pinouts for the Gamate's cartridges, or anything that would be helpful for Gamate emulation.

Does anyone know what the state of Gamate emulation is? Has anyone had any success emulating Gamate games?


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I don't think there is mush of an interest in emulating these types of devices, I could be wrong.
Those carts almost look like Game Gear carts. Maybe the pins are similar.


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I don't think there is mush of an interest in emulating these types of devices.

Yes, this seems to be the case. I think it's unfortunate; early Game Boy competitors are a part of gaming history, and it would be sad if these games got lost, and could no longer be played once the physical hardware dies. Also, some of these games are actually really good, or at least interesting...