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SSF_007_beta_R2 Problem


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Hey, guys!

Ok... When I play Saturn Games all of them work fine. Except for NiGHTS iNTO DREAMS. When I put the Blue Ideya on NiGHTS' Palace, NiGHTS begins to ascend to the boss. While he is ascending, an Error window appears "talking" Master SH2 Codes and stuff like that... How can I fix that? I tinkered with the SH2 values and sometimes it stops "erroring"... Not so much luck for the next times I played. The error is back and there's nothing the values do to help.
I really need your help on this one. I know that there are several people on the Internet that have this same problem with the Master SH2 and SH2 values.
Thank you for your time to read this. I will be awaiting your replies.

P.S.: Look at that cool word I invented (bold)!