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Hello, how are you everyone?! I need some assistance on something. Will you all help me? Ok. I have an ISO from a ripped PS2 game on my PC hard drive. If something happens to my original PS2 game, is there a way I can play the ISO on my PS2 console? If so, can you help me with a brief walkthrough? I know the PS2 ISO I have ripped is over 1GB of data. So, using memorex 700MB discs are out of the question. Will the PS2 console read the DVD+R disc of my ripped PS2 image? Forgive me if I bothered you with this dumb question. I just don't know. Can I use the CD-RW tray on my computer to do the transfer of data, or do I need to use the DVD ROM tray? Please respond. I am curious about this...:cat:


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first of all you would need a mod chip which i don't recomend unless sony will put it in for you which i dout. you need a dvd brunner to burn it anyways