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So I'd Like Some Help From You Guys On A Project Idea...


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Is it just me, or should there be a New Super Mario World Wii alongside NSMBW?

That's what I need help with. I am trying to recreate Super Mario World using Reggies! NSMBW level editor. But I don't have the time (or the know how) to make an authentic port of all aspects of SMW, not just the levels. Now, I realize that I am a complete nobody in this forum, but, if we all work together, we could make something great.


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We can not help you with ROM or ISO hacking.
But it does sound like a good idea and there has been a guy that hacked the NSMB DS version to look like SMB3

As it turns out Reggie does not edit the ISO itself.

Sorry for hindering any progress.
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