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Smash Bros Melee Model Viewer Status


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Thanks. I don't want these models for mods or anything like that. I want them for references. Me and some friends are designing a small game, and I'm the 3d guy.
So thats all I want them for...

(thought I'd explain myself)


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geez SIX YEARS .. and it was well deserved;

the people that hoarded the melee converters are total ass monkeys- six years!. also i know someone working on another converter, but I'm not sure if he wants to go public about it.... anyway I'm sure someone on facepunch will no doubt rip the game silly and post the models for fame. so I'd just keep your eyes peeled. :p


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I might just be one person, but, I always thought the purpose of the coder is to release their tools, not expecting anything in return.

At least I don't give a shit what people do with mine. I mean, you make tools to be used, and you release tools so that others can use your tools, without requiring any credits whatsoever. I mean, should the people who made Photoshop ask credits for every work you make on Photoshop? Should the people who made the Adventure Game Studio ask you to give credits to these people whenever you want to sell the game?

That's why I'm glad at least some people dare to release the tools.
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I know how hard it is to code stuff, but, in the end, if you keep thinking this way you have to say to yourself, why the fuck do you even code then?

It's not like you code to give yourself an ego, right? I mean, requiring people to give you credit for work to help others is kind of requiring people to stroke your egos. I can understand you don't want people to steal custom work, like sprites you've created yourself or edited from existing ones, or custom textures, or high-res versions of low-res models, but creating model converters is coding. You create these programs for others to use, not requiring them to give you all the credits.

It's like the creator of TileMollester, would he require you to give him credits? No, of course not. It can rip all kinds of things, like textures or sprites, and I'm pretty sure that program took even more work than most model converters.

Hell, take LunarMagic, a Super Mario World hacking program. It took several years to perfect that fucking program. And how many people made game hacks of Super Mario World? It's an aweful lot. Do you really think these people give credits to the creators of LunarMagic? No. And you know why? Because the creator doesn't give a fuck what you do with it.

And we have a lot more programs. TPL / BTI converters, SSBB extractors, whole programs to rip various SCUMM based games, you name it.

So really, I think some programmers should just stop this bullshit. We have other means as well, and those people who do release their programs without any strings at least do get more credit.

And quite frankly, when it comes to model rips, I'd rather not have my name attached to it.


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The man speaks the truth. A friend and myself once made a program, converted
some things. As we let out the beta's, we soon saw that the program was leaked
on the net, others claiming our labor.
It isn't easy to have something you worked on for so long be stolen from you,
and that might be a reason we have yet to see a model ripper.

On the otherhand, we did intend on releasing it. And say you make the program and do not not want others to have it. Please, do not flaunt it. Its only going to make people beg for it. So I vote 50/50 on this app ever being released.


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Goldsellers? What exactly is a goldseller ( I'm not the brightest on todays -hip-young-lingo =D) But I think we should stop waiting for this, we know Jahrains gone, this isn't going to be finished. All this thread is doing is making people want things that they will never have. I myself am a 3d artist, I can try to remake the characters and some trophies and release those =/. If anyone cared.



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*Walks past thread*
Whoa there's some nice development going on here...
This thread needs to stay alive. *Preforms CPR*
Yes gentleman I believe we have revived it...
Ok it should be good for a while, we need more traffic
we need more posts we can't let it suffer it must live on.

Phazonaddict:Hey I haven't seen you on BM for a while
not that you can anyway with it being hacked and all again.
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I'm new here...
but I've been reading this thread for a few years.

I'm thinking about making a melee archive viewer/extractor myself.
my main programming language is Python

one of my specialties is deciphering Nintendo's data and well since there has been no working version yet...
can anyone fill me in on coding this??

NOTE: I am still a beginner, as I'm teaching myself how to program.
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Complexity == Fun >:3
If anyone is interested...

you can check out what I have so far on:

just throwing it out there... =]


Complexity == Fun >:3

this is some pretty impressive work O_O
yet it helps me out by alot.

thanks for that =]

btw: if you would like to see my new thread, this is it:

I'm trying to program this in Py JSYK :)

and if you would like to know,
the .dat files are not models...
but more like an archive for models, textures, IPO's, etc.
this would also explain the decompression bug that jahra!n has been having so much trouble with...
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your link is not good :(
I will Zelda Super Smash Bros Brawl and Link of ocarina of time 3ds Models, please, Thank you !
I willl have Link model of 3ds (ocarina of Time)
Wow! please, I can have the link for this model?

I search Zelda Model (Super Smash Bross Brawl) Thank you in advence
I will want so this model of Link super Smash Bross, me too.

You can help me?
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Complexity == Fun >:3
this thread has been dead since I started hacking...

however, looking back on this does give me time to reminisce what I did back then...
*sigh* if only I'd've known about the SDK alot earlier >_<

yea... don't request models either plz...
it's already enough of a hastle to try and get (speaking for all hackers) our own models...

if you want a more active place to talk about this stuff,
try going on KC-MM or SmashBoards...
Emutalk is pretty much dead...

heck... this thread, out of nearly 30 in my subscriptions,
was the only thread to actually have an update in almost a year... :p


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Emutalk isn't dead Tcll, it has been revived some months ago.So you can check here and will find plenty of new posts and members and even news!So stay here and rejoin us. We have cookies. ;)Ilora: don't double, tripple, quadruple or quintuple post! You can edit your posts... like I did. And don't ask for copyright protected material again. Not here.


Complexity == Fun >:3
you must be a mod here?? :/<BR>either way...<BR><BR>lol tbh, I never left ;D<BR>but I do accept your cookies ^_^ *takes 1*<BR>although I've had no way of getting here for a few years >_><BR><BR>aww no... not another KC-MM >_<<BR>(I have a large habit of multiposting)<BR>^my posts for multiposting are never below 5 lines though <IMG class=inlineimg title="" border=0 alt="" src="images/smilies/wink.gif" smilieid="147"><BR><BR>anyways...<BR>I already know this thread is more than dead as I'm the only person still working on decoding the Melee model format.<BR>(Revel8n moved onto more important things, and Milun got bored with hacking)<BR><BR>I still have to give major credit to Revel8n though because I prbly would've never touched the hacking communities if it weren't for him <IMG class=inlineimg title="" border=0 alt="" src="images/smilies/wink.gif" smilieid="147"><BR><BR>I do have a big update though...<BR>I have a python program that decodes the relocation table to the best of what I know...<BR><BR>the relocation table contains an offset to a structure offset,<BR>this offset then points to the actu
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