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Site Updated + featuring The Console Tool Project

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It's a bit difficult to determine what this would fall under, so I'm posting it here in hopes it's the right place. I think there used to be a Website section, though that appears to be non-existent now...

You may or may not have heard of me, or perhaps remembered me (back in the day XD) on these forums where I started out working on a NDS Compatibility List database which landed me some webspace on Martin's server.

Some time after that I started doing other projects, which have gradually become more program based, which brings to me to my most current project...The Console Tool.

It is an application (written in Java) that basically intends to eventually become the ultimate all-in-one game hacking tool. Now obviously it's not quite there yet, but I've already been working on it for over a year it and can do some things other tools cannot. It's not really at the level where it can really be of use to a hacker however I'm working on that part :p

I've recently updated my website to mainly give my project a decent home, though I plan to put up some other stuff I've been working on as well.

My website is http://llref.emutalk.net/, if you have any comments, feel free to let me know and be sure to check out my project and the discussion board which covers most of its development history to date.


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Of course I remember you and your former project and it's always nice to see such a known face come back to ET and start posting!
IMHO it's the completely right place and I hope some more projects will follow your great lead!
Your console tool project ist a really nice new and fresh approach and I really would like to see how it will turn out and evolve.
But you forgot the most important stuff for a new project ever: the screenshots! ;)
But I'll do that for you, straightly ripped from your website. :D











I hope you will post here when your project evolves!

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Just a small note, the latest version doesn't open NSBMDs like in the screenshots...Those were taken from an earlier version (2.0), which technically supports a lot more stuff. The reason why the newest version doesn't display them yet is because I've had a few issues with the maintainability of my code which I've tried to fix from 3.0 onwards. Will try to get all support back soon once I get a chance to :p

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Oh and I forgot to mention, my site also has a documents section which is where I'm putting my personal file format specs and other documentation. With the file format specs in particular, I've prepared them in an XML format that will display the file structure in a tree-like manner, which I think makes it easier to understand...

Some of them might be a little out of date as I haven't sat down and checked them against all the new findings that get posted on my Romhacking.net thread, however a lot of the original docs some of these files are based on (the originals at least) have gone offline, broken, etc, so at the very least it'll help keep alive stuff that gets lost and forgotten :p

Also if you know of any format specs that you think would benefit being done up like this, and/or would like to see (at least one day XD) supported in my program, be sure to let me know!! As I've been saying on Romhacking.net, adding support for formats is more or less the easy part, its getting the data structures right that's what takes a while to get right. But since my archive data structures are the most sound, adding support for new archive formats doesn't take much work...Though stuff always goes quicker if I've got some specs on hand to work off from :p