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Simple Programming Question


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When you write an emulator in Visual C++.net (C Sharp) what project build do you need. There is a list of things like Win32 application and things. This question also goes for things like Hello World programs and simple projects like that.


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it depends, you can create a win32 project if you want to program a graphical interface, if not you have to create a console application


What's that...?
umm i hate to sound like i'm discouraging your attempts, but if you have to ask this question maybe writing an emulator isn't for you yet.


Btw, C# sucks as much as VB .Net does! :p
The net framework is crap, crap, crap and utterly crap. I mean, it's a pain in the ass for everyone to download. Hence, why I hate it.
Umm, really, I don't know if you've made up your mind yet with all these threads but... go for C or C++. Not VB net or C#.