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Good luck guys (this will take u a while)

PS. It took me like 600 trys.
I sat and played this for 4 days straight :)

Raging Fuel

The jumbles man, the jumbles
Snake, don't edit screen shots. That score is so obviously fake. Take a look at my screen. I have about 1/2 your score, but the cave is almost impossible to move in. You have heaps of space still.


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Martin said:

Alright, would you people stop fucking faking your shots already? Next time I see a fake I'll ban that person. :angry:

Then so be it.


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my score sucks lol I swear this has more gameplay in it then most recently released pc games! lol :phone: :linux:


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Let me clarify that- you guys who manipulate screenshots are completely idiotic, not the ones who do it right.

CpU MasteR

omg h4x
I believe they are called "jokes." If you can't tell they are "jokes," then you are the one who is idiotic.

you idiot...


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Do you have nothing better to do than to go around insulting people? From looking at your post list, I'd say about 40-50% of your post count is compromised of insults.
Besides, what I meant by idiotic was that they were stupid for messing around while not adding something important. I thought that was something you wanted... hm?
And, just for your information, I got a 1310 on my SAT's when I was only in 8th grade, so I don't believe I would qualify as a retard.
Do I need to put this post in simpler terms for you?
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