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Sega planning re-entry into console business


That's right - Sega is planning to re-enter the console market with a new console. Their finances are finally stable enough to try one more time, they stated. There's not much information about the new console, however. Though it will feature and HD-DVD drive.
Now, let's hope Sega doesn't fall out again, eh?
Oh, and it's called "Cataclyst" and nVidia will do the graphics chip.
Source: http://www.mygen.com.au/article.php?page_id=76868888110181101&se_id=29&site_id=11018&format=2


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Sega ftw! Sounds like a good thing for the console market... maybe they won't be taken seriously by competitors and come out with an awesome launch lineup and show they've still got it.


At your service, dood!
I hate april fools day with a passion, it's just not funny anymore, its more of a nuisance than anything else.


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Man...there goes my dignity. :plain: Remind me when a major breakthrough in emulation comes along...lol Man that was a terrible joke :p


Hehehe... yes, as some seem to have realized, it seems like an April Fool's joke:

This is of course an April Fools' joke, a pretty obvious one that that but it's good to see we fooled a few people out there on the internets :) There is no new Sega console coming, and heaven forbid them to name it Catalyst (although they did name their last console Dreamcast...!). Anyway, we had fun putting this little joke together and I hope you all enjoyed it too. Take care!

It seems like a shame, though :p