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Satourne v2.0 beta 3 error


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I get this error while trying to load Dragon Force (currently only game I have and plan on having) After trying many hours to get even this far, I now get this error when I try to load the game. Sega screen comes up, game loads, before starts give me this message,

"Neither the cartridge RAM nor the Saturn's internam RAM have been initialized. Please use the SEGA Saturn control panel to initialize (erase) the RAM so that it may be used. Hold down L and R and press RESET in order to reach the Saturn control panel."

Sounds like a simple memory issue with maybe loading a file or maybe like a ps2 adding a memory card. I really don't know. Helpful fixes/advice is appreciated. I Really want to play this game, it's been about 13-14 years since I had it. Thank you.


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It's not exactly a memory issue. Either you haven't set up Satourne to emulate a RAM cartridge, and/or said RAM cartridge hasn't been formatted for use (hold L and R while resetting the emulator or boot the emulator without a disc image to get to the Saturn System Menu, IIRC).

I haven' used Satourne in ages, so I can't tell you specifics, but look around the menus for anything relating to emulating a RAM cart.

You could also try SSF if Satourne doesn't bend to your will nad your computer is beefy enough to run it.