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Ma Chao

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roms r 4 noobs! i want bios bundled with donation-only emulators! AND I DEMAND THEY RUN EVERYTHING 100%


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screw bios and emu Bundled .... I Demand that Dolphin should run perfect because i know nothing about emulation and my computer specs are better then the gamecube. also it should be packaged with roms because i dont know how to use GOOGLE!


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I really want to play games for free with Dolphin, but I don't know where to download a better CPU and graphics card. Can you guys help me out? And why does my cracked PJ64 1.7 keep crashing??? :ermm:


And why does my cracked PJ64 1.7 keep crashing???

Because the idiots that "cracked" it, didn't do a proper job...

If this was in the warez scene, the release would be nuked ages ago.....:happy:


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That's it! One more ROM related post and I'll call the FBI! I'll send you all in jail! :evil: